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Two's Up youth club opened in 1993 as a one night drop in youth club based at the Youth Suite. A new team was recruited with supervision, training and funding initially provided by Hampshire County Council. In time the club (named by the young people) opened on a second evening with a small team of two paid & two volunteer staff.


The funding was subsequently provided by Yateley Town Council following a budget cut from HCC.

The club offered a range of activities with occasional sessions led by specialist tutors - such as Self Defence, drug awareness, self esteem etc. The use of the floodlight harcourt was an excellent addition to the facilities on the site.
Following further changes in staff and funding streams, Two's Up closed in early 2001.


Vision 4 Youth is a charitable organisation committed to providing facilities, programmes, projects and activities for young people in Yateley and the surrounding areas.
A youth provision was set-up originally under the name of EDY Act back in 2000, after at YAChT (Yateley area Churches together) meeting with and Steve Chalke from Faithworks movement.

For a number of years EDY Act provided the "Da Party Bus" at the Youth suite in Yateley. At the centre there was a converted double-decker bus kitted out with a music system, play station, keyboard, electronic drums, electro guitar and seating areas with laser lighting and stylised ceilings and walls. EDY Act also used the youth suite based underneath the council offices on Yateley Green, where we had table tennis, pool, tables and chairs and a coffee bar - serving hot and cold drinks. Outside there was access to the Tennis courts were we play tennis, football and basketball.


Da Party Bus" ran for 4 years from December 2006 and was a great success. It averaged 40+ young people aged between 12 and 18. Nearly all the young people who have attended "Da Party Bus" really enjoyed it and returned on a regular basis.

What Now

To ensure greater sustainability and access to wider funding streams, Vision 4 Youth has now been established as registered charity.


It is about to commence delivery of a Friday night youth drop in centre (FNC) opening up the Youth Suite and providing drinks, sweets and equipment for the young people to use, as well as themed evenings. Our aim is for this drop-in to grow and develop, with the prospect of providing more activities and support to young people who do not tend to access more structured youth clubs.

Vision 4 Youth's Aim

Is to act as a resource for young people aged up to 25 years in Yateley and the surrounding area by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:

Advancing in life and helping young people in developing their skill, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

  • Advancing education
  • Relieving unemployment
  • Providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances with a view to improving the condition of life in such persons.

V4Y will prioritise these objectives in the following ways


Priority One

By securing agreement with Yateley Town Council (YTC) for the lease of a suitable building to be developed as a hub for the provision of Youth projects and activities for young people aged up to 25 years.

Delivering of youth sessions / clubs etc. will be an early part of V4Y’s actions – potentially before the redevelopment of the site. This will be in response to the closure of Fruition.

An agreement will be negotiated with YTC that ensures that provides a permanent site for youth activities ensuring longevity and sustainability for youth provision in the community.


Priority Two

The first phase of development of the hub will focus on the creation of a café with a fully equipped kitchen including the equipping of the café and securing appropriate staff. The primary purpose of the café will be to provide training opportunities for young people in catering and restaurant skills.

The café will be run in partnership with local FE & HE institutions whereby some local young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) will learn a range of transferrable skills to equip them for future employment opportunities.

The provision of a café on Yateley Green will considerably enhance the facilities available to the local community. The recreation ground, play area and skate ramp are extremely popular and well used which will provide a ready source of potential customers of all ages.


Priority Three

Alongside the development of the café, V4Y will partner with other providers in commissioning the delivery of services for young people. Open access youth clubs run in the evenings by Fruition at The Central are recognized to have caused tensions locally due to their proximity to neighboring businesses. It is now evident that Fruition will be closing their provision by early 2015 – leaving a major gap in recreational and leisure activities for young people.

This provides an excellent opportunity to re-open youth provision at the site most favoured by young people themselves – namely the Council Offices location. 


There has been a successful youth provision on the Town Council Offices site going back to the 1990’s run originally through Hampshire County Council, Yateley Town Council and more latterly by EDYAct.

Youth Provision commissioned by V4Y will have a strong focus on those deemed as vulnerable or at risk.


This will be achieved by facilitating day time and early evening / weekend sessions of Information Advice & Guidance (IAG) for young people covering a range of issues such as health & wellbeing, finance, training / college, life skills, employment & housing etc.


V4Y will partner with existing providers of services for young people, local businesses, educational establishments & government agencies in the development of training and personal development opportunities for young people in a variety trades and services.

By providing access to support services and facilities for young people which have been determined through research and consultation with both young people and professionals. V4Y will proactively support young people in Yateley in establishing a Youth Council using the Hear by Right principles.


Charity No. 1152701

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